Titanium Reinforced Ceramic Coating

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It has a superior nonstick ceramic coating fused with titanium. Tib tic tib 2 ti 5 si 3 tin wc etc high content ceramic reinforced tmcs are the best coating candidates for titanium substrate.

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As ceramic cookware is famous for being healthy as compared to other metallic cookware titanium element is prominent to be stronger but half the weight of the steel.

Titanium reinforced ceramic coating. A high technology process uses a plasma jet at temperature 20 000 c to fire a mixture of aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide onto the surface of the pan at a speed of mach ii. The base is coated with a titanium infused ceramic coating. Which is to say ceramic is probably the healthier choice.

Based on the high hardness elastic modulus and good wear resistance of ceramic materials e g. Titanium is known for its strength and lightness it s twice as strong as aluminum and 45 percent lighter than steel. The aluminum core conducts heat seven times faster than metals such as steel or iron.

Ceramic titanium which is titanium with a ceramic layer on the cooking surface that gives it a glass type finish became a popular cookware item in the 1980s. Titanium ceramic cookware or titanium reinforced pots and pans this is the most common type of titanium ceramic cookware that you find in the shops. Any nonstick surface reinforced with titanium may last longer and take more abuse but it s still going to have all the properties of the nonstick coating.

The smooth nonstick cooking surface prevents food from sticking and any kind of cleaning nuisance. This is technically cookware that has a ceramic coating on it that has been infused with titanium. Titanium hard base reinforced non stick coatings are known for being up to 40 times more durable than traditional non stick coatings.

Titanium based cookware did gain momentum in the 80 s but like the aluminum and other metallic cookware there were some concerns raised gradually about how safe these titanium cookware are. As discussed earlier titanium enhances strength and durability when used with some other material. Titanium reinforced non stick cookware uses a cast aluminum base to ensure fast and even heat distribution and good heat retention.

Whether ptfe titanium or ceramic titanium you re still buying nonstick cookware.

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