Should I Use Ceramic Coating On My Car

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Ceramic coating also doesn t have any. You need to make sure that the finish of your car is perfect before you do sealant ceramic coating or spray coating.

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Ceramic coatings that need to be sprayed on last longer and are better at protecting the paint.

Should i use ceramic coating on my car. It really comes down to how you use and care for it. You can drive around your neighborhood and people might think you just purchased it. Right after the long and complicated process of finding the best ceramic coating for your car you need to ensure that the coating is being put on your vehicle perfectly.

It provides great protection against contaminants and minor scratches all while making the vehicle much easier to clean up. Just like the fact you wouldn t go to mud racing immediately after a car wash you shouldn t also do ceramic coating before you have prepared your car for it. There are generally two grades of auto ceramic coatings the professional grade and diy grade.

The results last for months and there is a minimum amount of maintenance involved. This has been common since the 90s as a method of improving engine performance but its application in paint protection is relatively new. Thanks to ceramic coating your car will look like new.

With wax a good rule of thumb is once every 4 6 weeks for general use cars that are parked in a garage or covered. Recently a newer solution has been making its mark on the auto scene. Ceramic coating keeps your car looking new.

How often really depends on the type of driving you do and the punishment your car s paint endures. Waxes sealants are protectants they should always be the last thing you apply to your vehicle s paint. The bond between a ceramic coating and your paint is strong enough to stand up to towels and light abrasions far better than conventional wax but if you run your coated car through a dirty brush.

Ceramic coatings that are applied by hand much like a wax are not permanent but they do help protect the paint. Ceramic coating offers good protection to the car s surface. In conclusion ceramic coating does wonders for your car s appearance.

The nano coating can protect the car from most scratches dirt and chemical contaminants. Either way it won t last forever but i. The professional products are made by manufacturers and only sold to certified or approved application experts.

In many cases ceramic coating your paint is absolutely worth the price. Coatings aren t for every car or owner though. When you look at the financial cost of ceramic coatings for cars there is a smart reason for this.

It s sold under many brand names but is generally referred to as ceramic coating.

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