Self Applying Ceramic Coating

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A ceramic coating s active ingredient is silicon dioxide sio2 which offers advanced durability extreme gloss self cleaning properties uv protection hydrophobic properties and so on. Quartz and ceramic pro is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle.

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When applying a ceramic paint coating if you do not remove 100 of the excess coating what is left is referred to has a high spot.

Self applying ceramic coating. There are many benefits of using ceramic coating on your car which i m not going to cover in this post as i have discussed the topic at length in a post i did a little while back. Ceramic coatings are transparent and create a layer of glass so if your paint is clean and polished ceramic coating will amplify this making it appear even glossier and shinier. While technically the coating material is higher than the rest of the underlying coating and the paint itself in all practicality what a high spot means is too much leftover product or excess coating.

Ceramic coatings have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last number of years in the detailing world and for good reason. This is a major reason to use ceramic coating it keeps your car s paint cleaner much longer. Improves shine and gloss.

The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle s factory paint creating a layer of protection. It can be applied with ease especially when you get a product of high quality. A ceramic coating such as opti coat pro c.

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