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In some cases indoor surfaces will require microbial powder coating and clear film for extra protection. These can be cured at 280 300 f although for a longer amount of time and are readily available in semi gloss black.

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I have asked my subcontract powder coater to use products meeting these overall specs but the dark colors black etc chalk and grey out within one year.

Powder coating uv protection. Ait s molecularly engineered coatings have been designed for large industrial applications yet are easy to apply with ambient curing for diy projects. This powder is very uv stable and very durable for your use. Whether you have a zirconium pretreatment system or zinc phosphate pretreatment system either will give very good corrosion performance.

Objects used in highly corrosive marine environments will require extra rust and corrosion resistance while outdoor powder coating will need protection from uv rays and weather damage. The difference between standard and uv powder coatings is that in uv systems melting and curing are separated into two distinct processes. If i were asked what gives the best protection against corrosion and uv exposure it would be electrocoat and a super durable powder coating.

Ultraviolet uv powder coatings combine the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings with those of liquid ultraviolet cure coating technologies. Polyester and urethane based powders are inherently uv resistant with the exception of fluorescent neon colors and transparent finishes which have limited uv resistance. Besides good adhesion and film flexibility the coatings protect correctly pre treated substrates against corrosion and exhibit good to excellent weathering resistance when exposed in accelerated or natural weathering conditions.

You can determine if your powder is a polyester or urethane by reading our color codes. Polyester powders have a color code that begins with p and urethane powders begin with. Due to uv technology s shorter cycle times and reduced processing temperatures a wide range of materials can be finished including wood plastic assembled products and composites.

Uv cured powder coating has many advantages and is increasingly being seen as an innovative coating solution for heat sensitive substrates. What are the best types of exterior rated high salt spray resistant satin sheen low chalking materials for exterior use. When you send your frame out to be powder coated ask for a low cure tgic powder coating.

Evaluation of uv curable powder coating properties has shown that coatings based on uvecoat 2000 type resins perform very well on different types of metal substrates. Exterior uv resistant march 27 2008. Ait solarbloc sc7050 uvb and sc7130 uvb coatings provide the unparalleled protection against the combination of uv salt fog and water exposure.

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