Powder Coating Safety Procedures

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Eliminate any sources of ignition. Powder coating is a process by which electrostatically charged powder is applied onto an earthed object.

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Maintain a powder air concentration well below the minimum explosion concentration m e c of the powder being sprayed.

Powder coating safety procedures. Storing powder coating and waste powder in a designated area with restricted access. Safe efficient design and operation of an electrostatic powder coating system is based on three fundamental rules. Too much powder coating on the metal fixture or racks creates a resistance to ground.

It is recommended that a twofold safety margin is applied to maximum dust concentrations. Handling of powder coatings. Implementing good personal hygiene practices for example powder coating dust should not be allowed to collect on the face exposed body areas should be thoroughly washed and overalls should be regularly cleaned.

The scope of his safety management includes 31 metokote facilities with a total of 42 powder coating lines. Cepe safe powder coating guideline page 4 2 2 2 determined lels on the range of typical powder coatings lie between 20 g m3and 70 g m3dependent on the specific chemical and physical properties. Wear proper respiratory equipment.

Every coater must put safety considerations top of their list from proper eye protection to fire prevention to training personnel how to handle a dangerous situation. Powder coating systems should be designed to prevent both conditions occurring but due to the difficulty of totally eliminating sources of ignition more reliance should be placed on the prevention of explosive concentrations of powder. Eliminate all potential sources of ignition.

Incorporate and maintain appropriate safety features in the system. Powder coating safety considerations safety is the 1 consideration of powder coaters. In addition to the powder coating operations skaggs also oversees safety for 50 electrocoating lines and 14 wet paint lines operated by metokote.

1 cause of fire in a finishing system. Maintain a good ground on everything in the powder coating system. Spray painting and powder coating are carried out in a variety of industries.

For example items that are commonly spray painted include motor vehicles buildings furniture white goods boats ships aircraft and machinery. Maintain a safe concentration of powder in air outside the explosion flamability limits. Implementing such a cleaning schedule whether it involves burnoff blasting or stripping eliminates a huge risk of combustion in a powder coating booth particularly considering that poor grounding is the no.

Wear proper clothing and eyewear. Avoid excessive skin exposure. Train your employees in safe powder coating techniques to minimise exposure practise good housekeeping by keeping work areas around the spray booths clean by using an industrial vacuum cleaner.

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