Powder Coating Process Validation

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Quality control 1 gloss test astm d523 test coated flat panel with gardener 60 degree meter. 2 bending test astm d522.

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The goals of the validation testing were to.

Powder coating process validation. This test is performed using a gloss meter which shines a light onto the surface of the part at a fixed angle then measures the amount of light reflected off it. A typical powder coating process consists of a fluidized bed hopper a powder transport line from the hopper to the spray gun an electrostatic spray gun a coating booth and the workpiece to be coated. 5 2 before starting the operation production person get the line clearance from q a person by writing the status label with product name batch details to equipment.

Details about paint shop validation verification methods january 20 2018. The powder coating process uses a combination of positive and negative electric charges attracting powders to each bit of exposed metal surface. Configuration of the experimental powder coating system.

Powder coating is a multi step process that ensures surfaces are cleaned and prepared for a smooth application and strong bond. I am working in indian automobile company as senior manager corporate quality related to surface protection paint shop related processes like pretreatment ced top coat powder coating etc. Coating shall not vary or 5 from data sheet requirements on each material supplied.

Testing methods are designed for two purposes. Pull the tape off aggressively and look at the tape and the part. If a square or two of coating is removed adhesion can be suspect.

Achieve perfect coating results even on the most complex part geometries with state of the art powder coating automation. So if the tds or your customer requires a 2h pencil hardness then that s the pencil that should be used to complete the test you simply sharpen your pencil then create a flat end with a piece of sandpaper and place it at a 45 degree angle to the coated surface. If your coating comes off in a sheet then you have adhesion failure.

Powder coating is a versatile industrial metal coating popular for use across multiple industries. Use the process parameters and les sons learned from prior trials and prove out the ability of powder coat ing technology to successfully coat bilco parts under simulated produc tion conditions to make any final process engineer ing observations which would trans late into powder. Testing methods for powder coating.

5 1 before starting coating process check for the cleanliness of coating pan pressure vessel spray gun assembly and liquid hoses its part area and cleaned label on it. With good quality powder coatings you ll usually end up in the h range. An acceptable result will show only a little of the powder coming off from the grid cuts.

The powder particles for coating are first fluidized in the fluidized bed hopper. These coatings are attractive and provide exceptional durability for interior and exterior purposes. Gema sets a new standard in powder coating with intelligent automation components that increase your productivity minimize the coating complexity and give you full control and access to the application process.

What is powder coating. The gloss of a finished powder coated part is validated by measuring the specular reflection of its surface.

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