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If you prefer a single stage non catalyzed filler try lab metal 24 oz. Powder coating powder coating is a type of dry coating which is applied as a free flowing dry powder.

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Final sanding and powder coating to assure against shrinkage.

Powder coating manual pdf. Grease and oil removal metal part must be free of any oil dirt or other contaminants before powder coating. The powder is cured for 8 to 10 minutes at around 330 460 degrees depending on color and the parts density. With liquid paint horizontal and vertical painted surfaces often have differences in appearances but powder coating typically provides a uniform visual appearance regardless of orientation.

The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. Epoxy polyester acrylic these primary resins are used with different crosslinkers to produce a variety of powder materials. Many crosslinkers or cure agents are used in powder coatings including amines anhydrides melamines.

Powder coating also offers a wide range of specialty effects. 10207z or hi temp lab metal 24 oz. 4 coating booth 5 curing oven 6 unloading area the conveyor then moves the aluminum through the powder coating booth at a steady rate so that the application guns cover the aluminum properly in order to meet the aama 2604 2605 standards.

Clean with metal wash 10120 pre painting. Powder coating allows for much thicker coatings than liquid paint without running or sagging. Powder coater s manual 1 98 i 7 the primary resins used in the formulation of thermosetting powders are.

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