Powder Coating Gun Tips

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Spray the powder coating gun away from the part until a uniform cloud is coming out with no sputtering or surging. Move the gun to the part and move it in a slow controlled motion across the part keeping a gun to part distance of around 8.

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Maximize the gun to part distance.

Powder coating gun tips. Powder coating guns dust out a powder which is a fine powdered plastic this is charged with an electrical charge which is then attracted to any ground. The stream was either too weak to coat properly or too heavy delivering a thick stream of powder. The amount it charges the powder is measured in kv kilovolts 1 000 volts 1 kilovolt.

Decrease powder gun flow rates. As a plant manufacturer many customers ask our advice when some problem concerning powder coating arises. The following are essential.

Increase the powder flow rate. Inhaling dust may not be safe for your health. This may take up to a second or two.

Often a powder coating gun or the guns control box will come with a small 18 gauge ground wire and a mini alligator clip that you can connect to your part to ground it. The problem with the gun was related to the delivery of powder to the workpiece. These guns are available from various suppliers and cost as little as 100.

Then it can be carefully moved into an oven to heat melt and cure this plastic coating to give a powder coated finish which is tough and durable. Trying to overcome the process leads to excess film thickness and powder usage and may cause a non uniform build. Use slotted tip to concentrate the spray.

The equipment must equally be dry. The powder coating gun serves the purpose of electrically charging the powder and propelling it towards the parts you are powder coating. The better the ground the more efficient your powder coating gun can work especially when spraying multiple coats or intricate parts.

Types of gun. Safety tips before using a powder coating gun. Apply the powder to the object to be powder coated.

Use a dust cover for your nose and mouth. This is done using a gun or compressed air sprayer which electrostatically charges the powder material so that it sticks to the grounded base metal object receiving the coating. Ensure you are in a completely dry workplace.

I will call this the stock ground. Cheaper guns have a pre selected kv and more expensive guns allow you to choose. Blast powder into the recesses.

Finesse the powder into recesses. Powder coating guns generate static high voltage electricity. While powder coating is a 100 safe process it is vital to take a few safety precautions.

Using the electrostatic process. Due to our long experience and profound expertise in the field of powder coating we have the matching tips and tricks to make your coating process more efficient and to ensure outstanding coating results at any time. So an item which is grounded can be coated in this powder.

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