Powder Coating Alternatives

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Lesta robots are available with a suction blow off attachment that will efficiently eliminate excess moisture in seconds. And yes using plywood in a toaster oven is safe he explains.

Powder Coating Rims Has Become The Latest Trend In The Automotive Design World Strong Durable And Better Looki Automotive Design Powder Coating Rims New Cars

Approximately 30 40 lower in price.

Powder coating alternatives. Alternatives to sand blasting when powder coating media blasting sand blasting is one of the best preparation methods possible. Read this media blasting article to realize the full benefits. Watson caught our eye for posting a tutorial on the diy tactical website on how to apply duracoat to metal fasteners creating an affordable diy alternative to powder coating using commonly available items like an airbrush plywood and a toaster oven.

Lamination as a laminate alternative decorative powder coating offers a plethora of designs and uses while offering lower costs higher efficiency and quality end products. Powder coating cost other factors vs. As far as corrosion resistance in concerned the pretreatment is probably more critical than whether the coating is applied by wet paint vs.

A dear ken there are a number of alternatives to a five stage iron phosphate pretreatment. Powder coating was developed as an alternative to wet paint. Black zinc is an electrically conductive finish and offers superior corrosion protection over black oxide.

With our exclusive coating powder machines your imagination is your only limit. Painting is cheaper per part than powder coating and if you re willing to sacrifice some of the durability of powder coating painting is likely your best option. It cleans de rusts and it leaves behind a texture that makes powder coating stick like nothing else.

In comparison standard lamination is extremely limited in its use and end product finish. Since the typical thickness is minimal ranging from 0002 to 0006 it is also a good alternative to powder coat or e coat for parts with tight dimensional tolerances. Do we have to have iron phosphate to get good adhesion.

So if you don t want to use powder coating please tell us the reason wet paint is the most obvious replacement. The suction blow off functionality is programmed the same way as for powder coating a person teaches the robot how to suction out or blow off any standing water after the pretreatment stage. Is there an alternative process for iron phosphating.

Here are some more advantages of powder coatings compared to lamination. We powder coat in house and have a 5 stage washer of which 1 stage is a phosphoric acid bath. Minimize parts visibility in a final assembled product.

Most body panels of cars are painted and you can paint virtually all other exterior parts like wheels bumpers and even some interior trim pieces.

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