Powder Coating Aircraft Engine Mounts

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All aircraft have steel parts that need protection from rust. If the paint chips sand the area and rattle can this spot.

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The engine mount is specifically designed for your aircraft and triangulated for strength out of 4130 chromoly steel with high fatigue strength that won t crack or work harden over time unlike stainless steel.

Powder coating aircraft engine mounts. We strongly advise against powder coating any structural air frame component. Powder coating is nothing more then paint that is warmed and then melts over said part. Push rod tube springs.

To your engine mount. Consider the benefits of a powder coating. It is possible to powder coat in a way that avoids that issue but i d be very careful to use someone familiar with aircraft structures and able to guarantee that their systems are appropriate.

Bad news all round. We powder coat a variety of aircraft parts including the following. Non destructive inspection ndi ndt.

This can cause cracks to go unnoticed. A buddy of mine powder coated his engine mount. In fact he powder coated a lot of parts on his airplane.

His airplane won some awards last year at oshkosh. The constant vibration from the engine will cause chaff marks. We offer a full range of aluminide and chromide coatings utilizing sermaloy and sermalcote slurry processes as well as pack and vapor processes.

The choices for protection. In addition to simple aluminides we offer modified aluminides such as platinum aluminide ptal coatings a preferred coating choice for many aviation gas turbine hot section airfoils. Aerospace welding minneapolis awi was established in 1993 and is a world leader in general aviation aircraft exhaust systems and engine mount repair.

I would not worry at all about putting a powder coat finish on a steel part including a landing gear leg. Engine mounts are powder coated. Powder coating can be a big issue for aircraft structures.

If the temperature goes too high you can get hydrogen embrittlement which can cause cracking etc down the track. Aluminum is more commonly anodized or painted. As the largest exhaust systems and engine mount repair facilities in the industry today we provide.

Paint or powder coating. Steel heat treating involves 1000 f temps so the temps used for powder coating are not even close to being a factor with steel. Can get powder coating done as well as an option.

Do not use tie wraps when securing wires hoses etc.

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