Nano Coating Vs Ceramic Coating

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Nano drives people crazy. The term coating is a modern term referencing the.

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The difference between nano coating glass coating and ceramic coating.

Nano coating vs ceramic coating. The term ceramic coating is one of many designations given to lacquer protective coatings for cars. When the coating fills. Nano coatings are highly concentrated formulas that used to provide superior protection on paint glass chrome carbon fiber and even vinyl or paint protection film.

Included in the kit is the company s hydroslick sio2 ceramic coating hyperwax hydrosuds nano ceramic shampoo 2 premium grade microfiber applicators and 3 microfiber towels. The shimmery luster was used through the renaissance was definitely distinctive for its time. Namun nano coating ini sangat berbahaya untuk lingkungan dan manusia.

It utilizes nano technology to fill minor cracks or imperfections on a porous filled with microscopic holes and solid materials. Ceramic pro 9h nano ceramic coating can be applied on top of a paint protection film like kavaca. Nano coating memberikan proteksi lebih ke permukaan cat karena melapisi hingga ke partikel berukuran nano.

Kandungan kimia berukuran nano ini bisa menjadi racun yang berbahaya apabila masuk ke dalam tubuh terutama bagi aplikator itu sendiri tambah raph. A nano ceramic coating is basically a liquid polymer that is taken from its use in silica which is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of glass and ceramic products. It all seems to mean the same thing but there is a difference.

There are nano fast waxes nano permanent waxes etc. Nano ceramic coating stems from a trick created back in the 9th century in mesopotamia. Ancient pottery makers created a glaze with a glittery effect from combining copper silver salts and oxides.

People usually believe that the ceramic is opaque or white in color but this is not the case. Nano means that there is better contact between the finishing substance and surface needing protection. There are many other terms to indicate a coating which creates a lot of confusion in the market.

Within quartz ceramic coatings are many different grades that range from 5 percent of sio2 usually found in ceramic booster sprays and waterless wash products all the way to 95 to 97 percent sio2 found in professional grade nano ceramic coating products. In fact ceramic coating is h9 on pencil scale. When you combine the two you receive the rock chip and debris protection attributes of a ppf with the longevity strength and hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating.

If nano is a substance it must be hard as stone and last forever.

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