Nano Ceramic Coating In Dubai

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Ceramic 9h is a revolutionary product for surface protection which is based on industrial coating experience and testing criteria.

Nano ceramic coating in dubai. This provides a stronger more durable layer of protection for your car. The nano ceramic coating is absolutely the shield for your car to protect it from all the ill effects that various external components may have. Your car is protected by our ceramic paint protection you will notice that the surface of your paint is very smooth and the paint glows like never.

Nano ceramic coating is made up of a nano polymer substance that serves as a protective shield for your car s paint. A nano or ceramic paint protection coating is a kind of super coating that is water repellent and can protect the car s paint from minor scratches bird droppings and environmental contaminants. Essentially the molecules in the automotive ceramic coating bond directly to the paint sealing the topcoat on a microscopic level.

Acidic fluids and salt will stain and etch a paint job including bird droppings and dead bugs but with a ceramic coating the hydrophobic property will prevent these. The advantages of nano ceramic coating. Plus you will not have to spend your money on your car s exterior paint for a longer.

The demand of ceramic coating is varying depending on the type of vehicle and the level of protection desired by the clients. Creating a film which adds 3 to 7 microns of protection whilst maintaining the highest possible level of gloss. We offer our nano ceramic coating services in dubai with an aim to remove various car paint related issues.

Ceramic paint protection in dubai is essential to enhance the appearance and retail value of your vehicle. Buy our premium auto detailing products including nano ceramic coatings car polishes waterless car wash and nano glass coatings. Different application processes of ceramic coating.

Car ceramic coating professionally applied at crystal shine auto center the only choice for car nano ceramic coatings in dubai. For the interior and exterior of your vehicle once this coating is applied it forms a strong chemical bond with the car s paintwork. The surface that sealed by ceramic stays clean for a much longer period of time and can be cleaned effortlessly.

Our nano ceramic coating services allow you to forget repeated waxing and detailing treatments to keep your car s painting shiny and attractive. Your car is always in great hands with us. When your vehicle is exposed to the sun the paint will begin to oxidise and fade a ceramic coating provides a barrier which protects from this effect.

Ceramic is a 3d ceramic molecular matrix structure so that ceramic can offer excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

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