Maintaining Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

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This ceramic coating finish from gtechniq has already gained the trust of millions of car enthusiasts due to its effectiveness in protecting a vehicle s exterior. Third ceramic pro offers a lifetime warranty at their highest level application.

Make Your Car Easier To Maintain With Gtechniq Exo V4 Cleanandshiny

Gtechniq manufacturers of leading ceramic coatings and detailing products presents the aftercare kit.

Maintaining gtechniq ceramic coating. When cured this technology will transform itself on the surface to a durable yet flexible glass shield. Ceramic pro s gold package offers a lifetime warranty provided you maintain the coating according to their standards and have it inspected annually by an authorized installer. Gtechniq ceramic coatings and paint protection for the car detailing industry.

Ceramic coatings protect the surface from chemical and uv degradation as well as offering a level of scratch resistance. Convery s automotive detailing is an accredited and certified gtechniq ceramic coating installation specialist. Super ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear coat with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

Gtechniq offers automotive ceramic coating home ceramic coatings marine ceramic coatings and airplane ceramic coatings for a flawless finish. Find a car detailing crew near me to get a ceramic coating on my exotic car luxury. What types of protective coatings does convery s automotive detailing offer.

Gtechniq have a range of chemically bonding coatings that are quartz based through to composite coatings each offering varying levels of protection and durability. Gtechniq does not offer a lifetime warranty but crystal serum ultra does come with a 9 year guarantee. The product provides high performance protection to an automobile s factory paint against environmental contaminants chemical stains and oxidation due to sun exposure.

Ironx is a ph balanced product ph 6 7 and is actually recommended for general maintenance on their coatings as i referenced in my previous reply. Super ceramic coating is a multi layerable clear liquid nano ceramic coating. 5 tips on how to maintain a ceramic coating.

Gtechniq crystal serum ultra. Clay i have never used any gtechniq coating so i cannot speak for them but i have carpro coatings on my own vehicles and use iron x to maintain them with no issues. So let s get cracking.

This comprehensive kit contains a selection of essential products needed for caring and maintaining a car to the highest specification. Crystal serum ultra can be applied either as a stand alone paint protection product or for the best hydrophobic performance it can be over coated with gtechniq exo or c2. Based on studies and tests with other coating brands we choose gtechniq s crystal serum as the best most durable coating fortennessee s environment.

Let s take a more in depth look at each of them below. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings crystal serum ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings. Tip 1 never take your car to an automated car wash.

The world s best smart surface science ceramic coating protection for car detailing. At this point you re about ready to learn exactly what you should be doing to clean and maintain a ceramic coated vehicle.

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