Jet Hot Ceramic Coating Price

Tuesday, February 2nd 2021. | wallpaper

The paint coating is applied to these parts using the help of special liquid solutions that can help reduce the corrosion that is caused by the corrosive effects of water. Fri 8am to 5pm.

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This is especially advantageous when dealing with a custom set of headers.

Jet hot ceramic coating price. Thu 8am to 5pm. Tue 8am to 5pm. The coating should be applied onto the car parts in the right proportions and thickness so that it has a high quality appearance.

I use a motorcross bike in a woods environment these bikes were designed to travel at higher speeds and consequentially generate a lot of heat that transfers to the engine fuel and rider but with jet hot coatings this problem is alleviated. Dual external and internal jet hot coating accelerates exhaust gas flows lowers temperatures of components surrounding the exhaust system and eliminates corrosion. These headers are coated with jet hot s proven high temp ceramic metallic coating after being designed and produced by kooks.

Mon 8am to 5pm. 200 price is for a single piece car header in classic polish. I have been extremely happy with the jet hot coatings and attribute our 2017 season success to jet hot.

Jet hot will coat a set of used headers for the same price and theyll even fix small pinholes or minor imperfections. Wed 8am to 5pm. Jet hot offers our proprietary ceramic coatings to manage heat reduce under hood temps and increase performance.

Only jet hot offers a lifetime warranty on all of our coatings. Get your jet hot ceramic header coatings today.

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