How To Apply Meguiars Ceramic Coating

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Carpro recommend 24 24 60cm x 60cm with complete coverage and an even layer. To start coating your vehicle all you need to do is apply roughly 10 12 drops of carpro lite to the applicator mitt and spread evenly over a small section of the car.

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Dry the panel with another clean microfibre towel.

How to apply meguiars ceramic coating. Select an area to work on. There are two different ways to apply meguiar s hybrid ceramic wax. Shake the ceramic coating bottle as well.

Move to the next panel. Meguiar s hybrid ceramic wax is so simple that you can just spray on and rinse off. To use spray directly onto wet vehicle after washing and rinsing.

Simply apply while the car is still wet after rinsing off any suds dry it off with a clean drying towel apply water once again before repeating the process. No rubbing no buffing just instant results including extreme water beading and protection. Simply put applying wax on top of glass coating or ceramic coating is not the best.

After washing rinsing off the soap simply spray on meguiar s hybrid ceramic wax and then follow that with a second rinse with a strong stream of water. With all new advanced sio2 hybrid technology you get ceramic protection that s so easy to use you can actually wax your paint as you rinse off your car. Work the product in to the panel with a microfibre towel.

Take the micro suede applicator on your hand then make a line of the 9h ceramic coating on it. Rinse again using a strong stream of water. For the first time using meguiar s hybrid ceramic wax meguiars recommend establishing a foundation layer hybrid ceramic wax is simply applied in a wax as your dry style.

Apply the ceramic coatings left to right and up to down. For the absolute best results we recommend applying two coats on panels. Apply two or three light sprays to each wet panel.

Application method 1 initial application foundation layer. Likewise can you wax over a ceramic coating.

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