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Adam s graphene ceramic coating durable long lasting multi surface protection published 7 27 2020 with the inclusion of graphene adam s uv ceramic coating has evolved. My previous car was ceramic coated and i thought it was really great.

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I have tried researching the subject but most of the information is confounding.

Graphene vs ceramic coating forum. From one atom to another graphene coatings have a honeycomb structure which gives it all that strength. Around the same as a wax or sealant. Hi all this is a long video but it helps to understand the incorporation of graphite graphene in coatings and the challenges with its application.

So where this coating option shines is when it comes to protecting the paint against fading from the sun s rays. It does this by protecting it from oxidizing in the sun. Hi guys having a hard time deciding between graphene or ceramic coating.

Graphene is the new nano it is a buzzword at best. It also does not help prevent water spots which graphene does very well. Compared to the original ceramic coating the graphene variant has improved characteristics.

Compared to ceramic coatings graphene is the strongest material in the world. Let me know if you guys have any information or opinions on the two. This is our longest lasting coating yet lasting 7 years in lab tested wash cycles.

Even the use of ceramic is very loose in the detailing world at the moment covering things from 3 6 month protection ie. The ceramic coating unlike the graphene coating will not protect against scratches or swirls. Graphene coatings the latest and greatest stuff to hit the automotive industry.

My detailer has given me the option of either artdeshine graphene or ceramic pro. It is being used to market all manner of things not just in the detailing world. There is a comparison test between a graphene product and a ceramic product which is helpful but i found the overall info as valuable as the test.

This stuff is supposed to be as strong as diamonds and as flexible as rubber. Skip to 5 06 to bypass the.

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