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Ceramic pro product service quality guaranty. Ceramic pro 9h forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down.

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Https goo gl 6ggfbx i got my car ceramic pro coated with the full 9h coating at dynamic detaili.

Ceramic pro 9h diy. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle s paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants. Sgs is the world s largest and leading inspection verification testing and certification company trusted by millions. Ceramic pro because it is a professional grade formulation and a glass coating is more expensive than the diy alternative.

It requires a more substantial upfront monetary investment on your end typically starting at 1000 also ceramic pro takes time to apply and adequately dry before you can safely drive it requiring your car to be at. Ceramic pro 9h can only be removed by abrasion. In fact as a car guy i take a lot of pride in fixing stuff using the experience gathered over the years some good tools and of course a bit of blood sweat and tears.

Ceramic pro light lighter version the ceramic pro light is a top coat or a lighter version of their premium product. That s not speculation it s documented fact. The nano technology and advanced formulations in ceramic pro 9h coatings are customized for specific materials applications and customer use.

The really good stuff is slightly above 80 but under 90 percent. New videos tuesday s at 10am pst please click to subscribe. The facts about new car ceramic coating installation.

There is nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty. Diy ceramic coatings vs professional 9h coatings. The percentage of sio2 in ceramic pro products can eclipse 95 percent in some formulations.

The diameter of the sio2 is less than 100 nanometers. When it s applied by a professional auto salon it provides a sacrificial layer of protection that can last for years. Here is another dose of truth the best diy nano ceramic coatings are about 50 as effective at providing superior protection vs a professional grade coating like ceramic pro 9h.

Most nano ceramic coatings will harden to this level on the pencil scale. Then there is the 9h hardness factor. It has a life expectancy of roughly two years.

It helps to block brake dust from sticking acts as a stronger sealant reduces minor scratches and has superior wear resistance. Sgs certificates confirm ceramic pro s hardness of 9h and guarantee safety and non toxicity for people and environment. Si02 is the chemical formula for silica dioxide which is an inorganic metal oxide.

Most diy coatings are under 80 percent. There is no debating the effectiveness of a professional grade ceramic coating. However a pro grade ceramic coat like ceramic pro s simply holds up for extended periods.

It s not as durable or strong as the pro 9h product but does produce exceptional shine enhancement and hydrophobic properties. The main reason is the range of variables that goes into applying and caring for the car ceramic coating.

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Ceramicpro London Englandvolkswagen Tiguan Underwent Paint Correction And Was Protected With Ceramic Pro 9h And Ceramic Pro Light Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Ceramics

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