Ceramic Glass Coating For Vehicles

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It leaves a wet look that many in the industry desire. Through the use nanotechnology these coatings bind to the surface creating an extremely durable and protective layer.

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However it s important to explain why each step should be completed especially with glass.

Ceramic glass coating for vehicles. Ceramic coats often with 6 8 month durability provide an excellent combination of protection and shine. Below you can read some so called myths that i ve heard from car owners. They should not be confused as being the same or an alternative to professional grade nanocoatings like ceramic pro 9h.

Professional ceramic coatings are typically formulated specifically for individual materials meaning a nano coating just for plastics one for leather one for clear coat and paint another for vinyl wraps or ppf. Our ceramic car glass coating combines easy to clean qualities with durability to protect. If you want even more durability but can wait out a longer coating process then glass coating it is.

A ceramic coated car is scratch and bullet proof. Glass coatings and ceramic coatings are the latest and most revolutionary way to protect the paint on your vehicle. Mike stoops senior global product and training specialist at car care product maker meguiar s explains that a ceramic coating uses the same building blocks as glass silicon dioxide to form a.

These coatings separate your vehicle s paint and interior surfaces from the harsh elements of the environment. Benefits of applying ceramic coating to your car s glass. In terms of professional advice glass coatings are more durable than ceramic coatings.

Most diy ceramic car coating products available on the market last around 1 3 years on average. The process of applying a ceramic coating to glass is no different than applying it to paint headlights wheels or any other surface. The first step in the ceramic coating process on glass is to prep the surface for application.

That s why ceramic pro developed a highly effective repellent to protect your car s glass surfaces from even the most extreme conditions. Most coatings are self cleaning and even delay the buildup of crime and the elements in between cleans. Ceramic glass coating consist of particles of silicon dioxide within the hard resin that works to repel contamination and increase shine.

If you want quick shine for the car which is still durable then you should get a ceramic coating. The best ceramic coating for cars provides a 9h water repellent coating at the surface and also features a multi layer technology that enables the layer to remain flexible underneath your paint job. While ceramic pro protective car coating has long been recognised as the industry s leading ceramic coating for automobiles glass surfaces are a different story.

To make sure that clients are satisfied with our ceramic car coating or liquid glass coating products we must take care not to create false expectations. Application of the zr53 is a natural process and requires no extra kill of knowledge.

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