Ceramic Coating Vs Wax Coating

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Many boat owners are making the switch to ceramic coatings to protect there boats but it is important to understand the cost comparison and benefits of ceramic coatings vs traditional wax. This ceramic coating bonds with a car s paint chemically to form a protective layer on top of the existing clear coat.

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Ceramic coating vs wax.

Ceramic coating vs wax coating. In terms of durability they far. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied on the outer surface of a vehicle. Wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint s surface.

Ceramic protectants coatings provide a much higher durability than wax. Nano ceramic coating provides great protection from uv rays thus protecting the paint from oxidation. If you have a ceramic coating applied to your car you don t need to put a sealant or a wax on top of the coating.

We finish the job with a coat of wax from his 120 jar of zymol concours that he saved for special occasions. It does not create the chemical bond like we find with ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings actually penetrate into the pores of the surface allowing for the longevity durability and deeper gloss.

They resist heat uv rays environmental contaminants harsh detergents much better than wax. Beading marvellous provides a natural high gloss protective finish thanks to its carnauba wax content. Ceramic coating owes the bulk of its efficacy to nanoparticles within the paint sealant.

Ceramic coating vs wax is also stronger against uv exposure and even though a car wax can make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the lot. What is ceramic coating. The pros of ceramic coatings ceramic coatings on the other hand are man made and were developed from nanotechnologies used for space shuttles due to their heat insulation and anti corrosion properties.

Ceramic coating products are also extremely hydrophobic meaning that your vehicle will clean up nicer. The clearcoat finish. Of course you can but it doesn t make sense to do it.

Greg is the perfect example to illustrate this comparison. Ceramic based sealants are liquid polymers derived from quartz silica and silicone dioxide. This appearance will not last.

Below is a detailed comparison of ceramic coating vs wax. As you probably guessed the final result was a huge improvement. Waxes act as a film on top of the clear coat and does not penetrate into the pores of the surface.

The big selling point for a ceramic coating which is the highest level of protection that you can apply to your clear coat is that it can withstand an extremely high. Whereas a ceramic coating will last many years with minimal upkeep. Ceramic coating vs wax.

As a relatively newer alternative to the traditional automotive wax ceramic coating provides a higher level of paint protection. It lasts much longer than wax because of its highly resistant nature against scratches mud. Greg owns a 2004 32 regulator with a dark blue hull.

However i couldn t help but notice how the older 911 s finish paled next to my new vehicle.

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