Ceramic Coating Tips

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Make sure any ceramic coating you purchase will protect against road salt uv rays bird droppings bug splatters and other daily contaminants. If you want to avoid damaging your car paint then reach out to an experienced mechanic.

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Do not wash your car for 7 days after ceramic coating application.

Ceramic coating tips. The most important thing to know about ceramic coating is that it doesn t fix the existing paint. It is always advised to apply a ceramic coating indoors in a controlled environment where there is no risk of a swing in temperature or a rain shower during the application of the coating. A common ceramic coating is a liquid polymer consisting of various ingredients blended together to provide a semi permanent transparent protective layer.

As you may or may not already know ceramic coating as a cure time. Tips for applying ceramic paint coatings. Here is just a quick video showing some of my hints and tips on how to apply a nano coating.

Study your paint. It should also have great hydrophobic properties which means water beading. If you re using a spray coating be mindful of windows and adjacent panels.

Access to a covered work space away from the elements. If you re using a spray coating be sure to clear the nozzle when you re finished or it might dry shut. Both professional coatings and diys offer a lifespan many times longer than that of carnauba wax while repelling liquids and contaminants off your surfaces and preventing minor scratches.

Of course everyone has their own methods but i thought id share. Ceramic coatings are great at protecting the paint from weather elements debris chemicals and more. Don t let overspray dry.

If you want to see whether this process is for you and how you can pull it off yourself here are a few tips on applying a ceramic coating on your car. Applying ceramic coating in direct sunlight will also wreck all of that elbow grease. 5 tips on how to maintain a ceramic coating tip 1 never take your car to an automated car wash tip 2 always use a ph neutral car shampoo with no wax added.

Ceramic coatings take a while to cure and provide the necessary protection to your paintwork. Tips and steps to apply a ceramic coating on your car exterior. Before you go and invest in any diy ceramic coating products it s best to take a good look at your car paint.

Some ceramic coatings have a steep learning curve and therefore using them as a first timer can be full of challenges. Throwing a coat of ceramic coating on a hot surface is also a big no no. A ceramic coating is quite a considerable investment and unless you want to wash it all down the drain you should not wash your car for at least a week after its application.

If you wipe on too thick of a coat you ll be more prone to high spots that. Always allow that initial 4 5 hours of hardening time to take place under the cover of shade or indoors before moving the vehicle out into the sun.

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