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The highly advanced silicon dioxide sio2 coating bonds with a surface at a molecular level 10 9 or 0 000000001 a billionth creating a super durable coating with protection that will last for years against uv dust acid rain minor scratch s salt. Pearl nano cerami coat quartz 9h is a technically advanced nano engineered transparent protective ceramic coating formulated to chemically bond at a nanoscopic level to a full range of surfaces including.

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Both types of coating create a permanent or semi permanent.

Ceramic coating quartz. Ecocoat quartz is a hybrid reach compliant ceramic coating system which merges 2 different ceramic coatings with different properties using nanotechnology to create the ultimate layer of protection with improved reflectivity durability increased slick and anti fouling. The level 2 ceramic coating system is the best of the best in terms of surface protection. This reduces the melting point and improves and varies the properties.

All with radiant gloss levels. Cquartz professional nano coating was developed for carpro professional detailers and for their clients in need of a professionally installed ceramic coating. Quartz ceramic coat nonp shield coat is next generation ceramic coatings suitable for paint plastic metals aluminums.

Jade ceramic s delivers the very latest in ceramic coating technology. Quartz is the main raw material for the glass industry but also significantly for the ceramic and concrete industry however it is rarely used in pure form in glassmaking but with the addition of various metal and mineral oxides. We utilize the tried and true gyeon quartz q2 mohs coating which uses the extremely capable q2 base as the base layer and is topped with q2 phobic as the outer layer.

Clarity depth and protection no matter if you are protecting paint plastic leather wheel or glass the evo coating comprehensive lineup has it all. Our patented technology allows the coatings to deeply. Paintwork headlamps chrome aluminium plastics fibreglass and gel coats.

Quartz onyx coating best car care paint protection quartz 9h ceramic coating product with super hardness and silky touch for high gloss paint protection. Pearl nano cerami coat quartz 9h. Ceramic coating evo quartz 23 protect just about any surface using evo coating products.

Based on advances over the past 6 years in cquartz nanotechnology this formula is infused with fluorocarbon composite and sio2 with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely. The result is a coated surface with increased resistance against harsh chemicals micro marring and dullness that last up. The coatings can be easily applied by using sponge or cloth applicators.

A ceramic coating just like a quartz coating chemically bonds with the surface it s applied to but is designed to be applied to a vehicle s factory painted panels bodywork creating a layer of protection.

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