Ceramic Coating Process For Cars

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One of the most if not the most important aspects of installing ceramic coating is prepping the paintwork. This removes any oils lubricants chemicals waxes polishes or microscopic particles that are left on the body prior to applying the ceramic coating.

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Ppf or paint protection film is an affordable alternative for ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating process for cars. The coating will cure and provide a long lasting layer of protection that produces a more elegant shine than car wax and polish and lasts about 30 times longer. Some ceramic coating kits will come with iron remover which you can spray to ensure any remaining particles are off your car s surface. The final step in the diy ceramic coating prep work process is wiping down the entire vehicle service that you ll apply a ceramic coating with an isopropyl alcohol ipa solution.

The layering process provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and self cleaning properties that turn the car s exterior into a virtually impermeable surface with a longer lasting shine. On average ceramic coating falls in the range upwards of 20 000 or even higher depending on the brand. The final step in the ceramic coating prep work process is to wipe the car clean with multiple microfiber towels.

This helps you maintain a cooler temperature and protects the interior from fading and damage. The liquid polymer in ceramic coating makes your car s paint hydrophobic which means that it repels water. Preparing a car for ceramic coating involves full decontamination of the paintwork.

Moreover having a ceramic coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months eliminating a significant part of maintaining your car s exterior. Thus a ceramic coating does not make your vehicle maintenance free but it does mean that. If applied properly ceramic coating can even last the lifetime of the car.

With ceramic coatings especially the easier to apply high quality diy ceramic coating kits you ll likely spend six to eight hours on prep work installation and care one time. But ceramic coating comes at a premium price. Ceramic coating also blocks out other types of sunlight from reaching the interior of your car.

Also make sure to wipe off with a clean microfiber towel in straight lines. You should always replace any soaked microfiber towels with dry ones as you want to reduce any streaking. Professional ceramic coatings are done by trained experts and the process involves a pre preparation method that consists of the application of clay on the exterior of the car.

A professional ceramic coating could cost up to 2 000 and it takes up to five days to complete. The benefit of a ceramic coating is that the cleaning process will be easier. Ceramic x3 is a three step ceramic infused process applied after surface contaminants have been removed in the wash prime and rinse steps.

Completely dry your car bumper to bumper ensuring all. How to apply ceramic coating to your car step 1 decontamination of the paintwork.

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