Ceramic Coating Price For Xuv 500

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Quartz ceramic coating and eu quality detailing on 5 years old xuv500 5 years on the streets of mumbai leaves lots of age marks. Ajay got his xuv 500 serviced.

Xuv500 Never Goes Wrong With The Selection Of Coating 9h Ldc Pro Is The Best Long Lasting Coating When You Car Coating Paint Protection Car Detailing

Protect your car against scratches swirl marks uv rays dirt with gaadizo 9h ceramic nano coating.

Ceramic coating price for xuv 500. 1 ceramic coat by ant lab can be bought f. Vijay got his. Ceramic pro being very costly but excellent product will cost you around 80000 for full service.

A full car body denting and painting for xuv 500 can take around 7 8 days depending on the repairs required on the car. Also the acid rains and pollution does damage the car. Book mahindra xuv 500 car cleaning and washing at best service centers and garages near you in delhi.

Also referred to as nano coating the best ceramic coatings are chemically bonded to your vehicle s paintwork using innovative technology to provide that just out of the showroom shine and armor like protection for years to come. A single panel on your xuv 500 takes around 24 hours start to finish due to the elaborative procedures involved. Our touch up paint kit components are exclusively selected and formulated for perfect mach to your mahindra s original paint.

Our detailers have managed to restore 90 of the fresh and brand new look which is now securely. The term ceramic coating ultimately refers to a liquid polymer transparent coating which to cover and protect your vehicle. The process also requires further rubbing polishing and buffing.

Scratches swirls paint oxidation. Car nano coating starts at rs3999 get your wrapped and customised at best prices near you in gurgaon delhi noida ghaziabad faridabad. Our patented solution system only treats the special paint we mix for your mahindra xuv 500 desat silver met 041 and does not interfere with your factory paint.

The sole funda of car sonics s success is customer satisfaction and after sale service. Interdisciplinary combination of new generation ecological pigment based formulations and patented clearncorrect solution ensures touch up applied surface to resist the elements and lasts for ages without the harmful environmental impact of other touch up sets in the. If your budget is less go for equally better coating in the below rank of quality with decreasing rank.

Rubbing polishing ceramic coating dry cleaning all services available. Being the the second generation in this business we decided to take the retail outlet of car sonics to a physical online store. By this method we are sure that you can not harm your mahindra xuv 500 desat silver met 041 color and you can do repairs like a pro for your mahindra with desat silver met color.

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