Ceramic Coating Pistons Worth It

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Let s cut through the marketing hype and take a look at the truth. Many times ceramic based thermal barrier coatings are used to reduce heat by reflecting that heat away from the coated part like a piston top or cylinder head chamber.

Cerakote Piston Coatings Are A Low Thermal Conductive Coating Used Primarily On Top Of Pistons Engine Valves And Co Cerakote Project Photo Combustion Chamber

In today s post i m going to share an unbiased look at the reality of ceramic coating and help you decide whether it s for you or not.

Ceramic coating pistons worth it. Coating the parts dart machinery applied thermal barrier coatings to the exhaust ports valve heads combustion chambers and tops of the mahle custom forged flat top pistons. Mahle prefer a hard anodized coating over nickel plating and interesting the method and thickness is the same regardless of the application it is more the locations where the coating is placed that become important particularly when it comes to managing heat in a modern piston design which seels the rings much closer to the crown. Is ceramic coating worth it.

The remainder of the. I also like to teflon coat the piston skirts and rods. The piston is one of the very first parts that should be considered for coating.

Cic high performance ceramics piston coatings. Here is my reasoning while the coating companies will tell you that you can make more hp when you control the heat and reduce friction a good theory i do not. Coating the piston reduces friction and wear reduces part operating temperature can increase horse power and torque reduce or eliminate detonation allow higher compression ratios to be utilized and allow tighter piston to wall clear ances for a better ring seal.

Feb 16 2014 9 blown38 active member established member. This is a matter of opinion but i think it is a good idea to ceramic coat the piston tops valves and combustion chambers. There are a lot of misconceptions out there though.

If measured on top of the armorfit coating the piston to cylinder clearance is less than the uncoated bare piston. For example an uncoated wiseco piston manufactured for a 4 000 inch bore should be installed in a 4 000 inch bore and an armor fit coated piston designed for a 4 000 inch bore should also go into a 4 000 inch bore. When applied to a piston s top a thermal barrier reflects the heat from combustion into the combustion chamber.

My pistons are ceramic coated on top and teflon on the skirts couldn t tell you if it s worth it or not but supposedly it helps keep heat out of the piston. It s certainly popular these days.

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