Ceramic Coating For Piston

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Adding a coating to your pistons will extend our normal manufacturing time by about 4 5 working days. In addition to our high performance division we also have an extensive industrial division offering a variety of engineered coatings.

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Cerakote v series piston coat is a dark bronze gold with a soft metallic look.

Ceramic coating for piston. It is an oven cure ceramic thin film thermal barrier coating designed to be applied on the top of pistons on the top of valves and the combustion chamber on a cylinder head. Coating the piston reduces friction and wear reduces part operating temperature can increase horse power and torque reduce or eliminate detonation allow higher compression ratios to be utilized and allow tighter piston to wall clear ances for a better ring seal. Cic high performance ceramics piston coatings.

It s an adodic coating says fussner. This product does not require catalyst. Typical uses include piston tops combustion chambers valve tops external turbo housings and exhaust components note.

The ceramic also spreads the heat evenly over the entire coated surface reducing detonation pre ignition and allowing the use of lower octane fuel. It s designed for high boost high temperature engine like sport compacts making 1 500 horsepower out of two liters. Epc100 epc100l epc100rg epc102 epc103 epc103l.

The following coatings can only be applied to new ross custom pistons at the time they are manufactured. The piston is one of the very first parts that should be considered for coating. Piston coat is an ambient air cure thin film ceramic thermal barrier designed to be applied on internal engine parts that require a thermal barrier.

Piston coatings exhaust coatings ceramic coatings carbide coatings metal coatings polymer coatings ptfe coatings hard anodize hardcoat and thin hard coatings are some of the coatings that we apply. This ceramic based thermal barrier application greatly reduces heat transfer for improved performance and adds a layer of insulation to the piston crown to protect against thermal shock. All other coatings can be applied to our shelf stock pistons.

Unlike armorfit and armorglide coatings that are applied only to the piston skirts armorx covers the entire surface of the piston except for the skirts. An intake manifold with an interior ceramic coating exhibits a lower level of heat penetration and a cooler mixture of air and fuel. Tbc protects against high temperature oxidation eliminates hot spots and encourages proper flame travel.

All ferrous and non ferrous metals. A ceramic coating can also be layered on the piston ring to reduce friction and enhance wear resistance between the ring and the cylinder s inner surface. Mahle ceramic based piston coatings mahle motorsport now offers a proprietary thermal barrier coating application for any powerpak performance forged piston gas or diesel available through kill devil diesel.

Tbc coated pistons run cooler and retain much more of their tensile strength.

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