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The price for professional grade coatings can range from 600 to 3 000. This is obvious that you can reduce the cost by washing down your car every two weeks however again you require obliging to this every two weeks.

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The difference on these two will be based on the longevity that you ll expect your coating to last.

Ceramic coating cost. Ceramic coating on glass is like having a permanent rain x effect on your windshield. A professional detailer can have different coatings available for you that may fit into your budget. Often customers would love to purchase a ceramic paint coating but see price as a barrier.

Comparing the average cost for the professional package option vs. The traditional packages for applying ceramic coating will include a wash clay bar paint correction and ceramic coating application. The truth is ceramic coatings are scratch resistant not scratch proof.

With a price higher than other ceramic coatings from top brands the migliore strata coating is a premium ceramic car coating product available in the market if you want a showroom shine for your car then this product is just the ideal one. However if you are looking for such a ceramic coating that can be applied quickly then this product is definitely not for you. Consumer grade coating with a single stage of paint correction 450 professional grade coating with single stage of paint correction 900.

The overall cost for the professional ceramic coating is equal to 10 100. With a price point much higher than a traditional wax or sealant many people find it difficult to justify the expense. It didn t completely solve the problem though leading me to ceramic coating myth number 1.

Your vehicle will be scratch proof. The diy choice by opting for the diy ceramic coating concept you ll likely save more than 8 000 over a 5 year period. Some companies will even go as far as showing their coating being keyed or scratched with a lighter.

Please watch the video but the basic variance in pricing is. Price is the one objection many people have to ceramic coatings which can cost between 500 2000 for prep and installation. But that s usually just the coating itself.

The cost of completing paint correction. This image above explains some of the popular packages offered by ceramic pro installers. Over the counter coatings vs professional grade coatings.

Total cost of a diy ceramic coating 920. The packages are based on years of protection or guaranteed years of protection. Depending on your location and who you re paying this could cost anywhere between 250 750.

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