Ceramic Coating Cost On Suv

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Assuming that you choose a lifetime warranty professional ceramic coating package and you keep your car for 5 years before trading in this is what you re looking at spending. Please watch the video but the basic variance in pricing is.

How Much Do Ceramic Coating For Cars Cost In 2020 Nanocareproducts

Consumer grade coating with a single stage of paint correction 450 professional grade coating with single stage of paint correction 900.

Ceramic coating cost on suv. Ceramic coating prices car 2 4 door suv trucks car 2 4 door economy coating igl poly 500 00 425 00 1 year coating features 1 yr ceramic coating ecocoat poly is our original reach compliant high solid ceramic coating which is synthetised with our proprietary modified active material carrier and nanotechnology to be free from any carcinogenic chemicals. The ceramic coating cost for this package depends on various factors such as the size of the vehicle and the preparation work required. Factoring the cost of ceramic coating.

Most consumers opt for automotive ceramic coatings because they are looking for a longer lasting higher quality paint protection product but don t want to spend the money to have a professional apply them. 2 000 for the installation 60 average price a year x 5 years for protective spray 300 60 for a car wash every 2 weeks x 5 years 130 weeks or 7 800. When you look at the financial cost of ceramic coatings for cars there is a smart reason for this.

A typical gold ceramic package could cost you anywhere between 1 500 and 2 000.

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