Ceramic Coating Cast Pistons

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It s an oven cure ceramic thin film thermal barrier coating designed to be applied on the top of pistons top of valves and the combustion chamber on a cylinder head. All other coatings can be applied to our shelf stock pistons.

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Low friction molybdenum disulphide coating.

Ceramic coating cast pistons. Adding a coating to your pistons will extend our normal manufacturing time by about 4 5 working days. The following coatings can only be applied to new ross custom pistons at the time they are manufactured. Tbc coated pistons run cooler and retain much more of their tensile strength.

Not all piston coatings are created equally we are proud to partner with the industry s most successful piston and coating manufactures to offer superior products to handle the rigors of day to day heavy towing. Cic high performance ceramics piston coatings. Tbc protects against high temperature oxidation eliminates hot spots and encourages proper flame travel.

Piston coatings are one of the most common topics we get asked about. Benefits of ceramic coating. The ceramic also spreads the heat evenly over the entire coated surface reducing detonation pre ignition and allowing the use of lower octane fuel.

Motorcycles vintage bikes and racing gardening forestry engines chainsaws brushcutters construction engines cut off saws. Ceramic coatings are recommended on parts that are exposed to extreme high temperatures and can be applied to most metal surfaces such as steel aluminum and cast iron with the exception of magnesium. Prevent corrosion of exhaust systems and engine components increase part longevity 2 10 times.

2 strokes gravity cast pistons. The piston is one of the very first parts that should be considered for coating. The coating protects the piston skirt from heat friction and wear resulting in a reduction of parasitic drag while decreasing heat saturation into the piston skirt.

Coating the piston reduces friction and wear reduces part operating temperature can increase horse power and torque reduce or eliminate detonation allow higher compression ratios to be utilized and allow tighter piston to wall clear ances for a better ring seal. In this article we ll discuss the advantages features and benefits of piston coatings. V 136q v series piston coat is a dark bronze gold with a soft metallic look.

The maximum temperature value of ceramic coating piston is determined as 650 c at the combustion chamber of coated piston the combustion chamber has. Zirconium coated piston with al alloy are shown in the figure. Semi hard oxidation on head rings grooves.

Polydyn rp piston skirt coating is a ceramic reinforced dry film lubricant with a low affinity for oil. Epc100 epc100l epc100rg epc102 epc103 epc103l. The maximum temperature value is determined as 558 98 c at the combustion chamber of conventional piston.

Piston coat oven cure item.

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