Ceramic Coating At Car Washes

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This is my typical recommendation to others when they ask me how often they should wash their car. Once that ceramic seal hits your car it ll chemically bond with your paint and add an extra layer of durable protection.

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You must give both paint protection film and ceramic coating some time to completely cure on the vehicle.

Ceramic coating at car washes. If you have a ceramic coating or wax applied to your paintwork you can be sure it will be degraded or completely stripped after a couple of runs through one of these touchless car wash systems. Even with a ceramic coating you will still need to wash your car regularly in order to maintain its look. If you have just got your car painted or coated and are clueless about what to do next do not worry.

For the hand wash method start with rinsing the car using water to remove any surface dirt and debris. Spray coating wash and coat trim restore and coat surface prep and 3 in 1 polish and coat. Sio2 and tio2 blend.

This means that your car s exterior is protected from oxidation and uv damage from the sun. Just because you have a ceramic coating on a car doesn t mean you should clean it any less. While it produces amazing hydrophobic properties some clients may be confused as to which car washing methods after a ceramic coat has been completed.

A vehicle with any paint protection film or ceramic coating requires additional care while washing and cleaning. Below are some of the most useful car wash. Use the high pressure water to pre rinse the vehicle to fill your wash bucket and rinse off.

For an optimal car washing experience bring a 5 gallon bucket some automotive specific car shampoo ph neutral with no wax if you have a ceramic coating or ppf a microfiber wash mitt and drying towel. If you have gone to the effort of applying such protection to your paintwork it would be pointless to partially remove it or reduce its long term effectiveness. I may be in the minority but i wash my car at least once a week.

You have to follow specific car wash tips to make sure that the surface lasts longer. Washing can interfere with the curing process. To keep a coating performing at its optimal level you should be washing it regularly.

There are a variety of touchless hand wash or rinse less methods that are popular to maintain the coating. Complete line of cmx ceramic products. One of the easiest ways to maintain a ceramic coating is a three step process of wash maintain rejuvenate.

Even though most ceramic coatings will dry almost instantly they still need time to fully cure so harden and give off its maximal gloss shine. Ceramic pro 9h is a professional grade sio2 and tio2 infused nano ceramic coating that bonds to solid and porous materials ranging from automotive glass to vinyl and paint protection film. Spray on wipe off application.

Also our sealant is extremely durable meaning that the sealant will protect the vehicle s shine between car washing. Do not wash your car within 7 days of application. The benefit of a ceramic coating is that the cleaning process will be easier.

Moreover having a ceramic coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months eliminating a significant part of maintaining your car s exterior.

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