Ceramic Coating And Wrapping Headers

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In other words ceramic coated headers look and function the same on mile one as they do on mile 300 000. Even better this highly specialized insulation blocks intense engine heat that can rob your ride of horsepower and damage engine components.

Exhaust Down Pipes Ceramic Coated In Our Performance Colours Metallic Black Reduce The Surface Temperature By 33 Control The H Ceramic Coating Metal Ceramics

Ceramic coated headers ceramic coated.

Ceramic coating and wrapping headers. We don t recommend coating our headers unless it s for an extremely high horsepower application there s just really no need. If you have ever done the burn test where you reach in and accidentally burn your hand or your arm then you know that a ceramic coated header will cool down much quicker than chrome or painted tubes. For more information on our ceramic coatings and whether they re suitable for your application please email.

A ceramic header coating also provides protection against the corrosive materials in the exhaust. Ceramic coatings take that a step further. Ceramic coating is a great way to protect high performance exhaust components like headers downpipes mufflers and turbo housings.

When i removed the wrapping the coating on the headers started flaking off into a coarse powder. Airborne coatings did a beautiful job on them coating both inside and outside of the headers and the sidepipes. By wrapping the system he explained it s almost a guaranteed early death to the component we went on to talk about ceramic coatings on a header.

Cerakote s glacier series are ultra high temperature coatings that are formulated to withstand exhaust temperatures up to 1 800 degrees fahrenheit. I heard wrapping headers plainly in that heat tape wrap will rust out headers if you ceramic coat the headers and then wrap them will the heat be lowered even more than just the ceramic coating alone or is it now defeating the purpose. Both ceramic coated headers and exhaust wraps improve horsepower so lets go over their pros and cons and see which one is best for you.

Aug 02 2018ceramic coating aims to give a better look to your car along with added protection. These coatings made of aluminum powder mixed with ceramic dust are sprayed onto the header as a powder and then baked on in an oven. The insulating properties of header wrap will help the scavenging process even more because unlike ceramic the material used in header wraps don t retain heat on the surface.

Stainless headers get around this problem by using a material that doesn t corrode in the first place. Ceramic coatings and header wraps are a sure way to add horsepower and a performance attitude to your motor. When i delivered them to be coated i was told that ceramic coated headers should never be wrapped.

This forms a hard impermeable barrier that doesn t corrode. Yes i know ceramic coating is for heat dissapation also but will you get twice the heat reduction if you use both the coating and the wrap. Coating your headers in ceramic improves their heat resistance and keeps them from being tarnished or damaged by the heat.

But beyond the shine and shield ceramic coating also has its.

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