Ceramic Coated Marine Exhaust Manifolds

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Hedman street headers 89306 ceramic coated likely looks like above image with different coating hooker super competition headers 6823hkr clifford truck headers protuninglab headers look like hedmans with chrome not much information except the seller was eugene discontinued 6into1 its been confirmed clifford had a set of shorty headers at one time stock fuel injected manifolds if im not. Ceramic coatings are different from traditional powder coating as ceramic coatings are meant to withstand high temperatures as on exhaust systems manifolds or headers.

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Ppt exclusive internally externally coated marine exhaust systems for serious corrosion protection.

Ceramic coated marine exhaust manifolds. The product is formulated to withstand temperatures up to 870 celsius and can reduce skin temps on pipes up to 35. Black ceramic coating is a semi gloss black ceramic metallic coating applied at maldon shot blasting ceramic coatings are perfect for motorcycle exhaust pipes turbo exhaust and headers or high performance racing headers. Mercruiser offers their manifolds in either ceramic coated or e coated.

Will not work with dry joint. There are several different coatings available ranging from galvanizing to ceramic coating for aluminum to electro deposition plating edp. There are several reasons to get your exhaust systems or headers ceramic coated.

Mercruiser s ceramic coating offers a slightly stronger resistance to wear but from our experience it doesn t extend the life of the parts by much. 2x mercruiser ceramic coated manifold 860246a15. In our opinion the ceramic coating is not worth the large price increase.

Whether it s salt water corrosion or water ingestion all boat owners hate to hear those dreaded words it s time to replace your marine exhaust manifolds and risers. For mercruiser center riser small block v8 engines approx 1986 2002 if you have a 2002 or newer you may need dry joint exhaust. Please call us with your serial number includes.

Oem mercruiser ceramic coated exhaust kit for 5 7 350 or the 5 0 305 small block and 6 2 377. We honestly do not think it is necesary the e coated hold up great and are much less. Coatings coatings are a very cost effective method of extending the life expectancy of iron or aluminum marine exhaust manifolds.

Exhaust coatings help prevent corrosion and rust. Exhaust manifold coated with ceramic coating that is both a thermal barrier and corrosion resistant exhaust manifolds can either be a cast iron factory type manifold or a tube steel header typically used in performance applications though they are becoming very common in oem applications. Oem mercruiser 5 0 or 5 7 ceramic coated exhaust manifold 860246a15 these are recommended for saltwater applications.

These are only coated on the outside v 8 305 350 377 engines 1983 2002 port or starboard side. Mercruiser s e coating is the same paint. Since 2002 ppt has offered boaters the exclusive marine exhaust solution for mercruiser volvo penta barr.

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