Can You Wax Ceramic Coating On A Car

Monday, February 1st 2021. | wallpaper

That being said some automotive consumers often wonder if you can wax over ceramic coatings. You need to make sure that the finish of your car is perfect before you do sealant ceramic coating or spray coating.

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Again theoretically this is all true.

Can you wax ceramic coating on a car. Until you ve actually seen fresh ceramic coating on a car you ll not understand how much it actually improves the finish. In fact that concept has me all like simply put applying wax on top of glass coating or ceramic coating is not the best way to protect the coating itself or even extend its life. Can you wax over ceramic coating.

This is where the concept of using car wax on top of a ceramic coating comes into play. Is it going to be effective though. Right after the long and complicated process of finding the best ceramic coating for your car you need to ensure that the coating is being put on your vehicle perfectly.

In theory wax will stick to a ceramic coating harden then absorb all those harmful uv rays chemicals and bird droppings bug splatters. You can apply wax over a ceramic coated car. Just like the fact you wouldn t go to mud racing immediately after a car wash you shouldn t also do ceramic coating before you have prepared your car for it.

Sure it can be done but it just doesn t make any practical sense. Does the ceramic coating actually benefit from it. The short answer to this question is yes.

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