Can You Ceramic Coat Powder Coating

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Ceramic coating is a must for headers that are exposed to extremely high engine heat. The chrome needs to be of good quality and not peeling.

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This is considered cost efficient as compared to the benefits you will gain from using ceramic coating for textiles.

Can you ceramic coat powder coating. Initially developed for the aerospace industry the process is now used throughout the auto industry on components that include exhaust manifolds headers mufflers and intake manifolds. To gain the most benefits from the products make sure to get them from reputable sources. It s not necessarily a wax or a paint sealant.

I want to do the actual application in house. It is neither hard to apply expensive to do for the first time nor is it too hard to maintain. Coating is the preferred coating for parts that do hard work and where contact can chip away powder coatings the ceramic coating is applied through an electrostatic process.

However not all materials can be powder coated. You also have to accept that their will be less adhesion with powder coated chrome vs. It creates porous coating layers with relatively low adhesion strength.

If you want to coat household items you may consider using the powder ceramic coating but if you want to use the coating for your car the ceramic coating would be a better recommendation than the powder coating. Powder coating can give materials a colorful yet durable finish that is weather resistant water resistant and even abrasion resistant. I am looking for a company that supplies ceramic materials that can be applied to high temp items such as automobile exhaust systems.

As you spray it on the ceramic coated surface it fills those microscopic imperfections found in ceramic coatings as they age and are exposed to excessive weather uv rays or other contaminants. Ceramic coating is applied with a high volume paint gun and compressed air. Yes you can powder coat chrome parts but there are some exceptions.

It s basically their special formula that is a hyper concentrated version of their ceramic coating. There are many things that you can powder coat the most common material being metal but you can also powder coat some plastics glass some wood and mdf. The ceramic coating may be a better option for you than the powder coating.

Powder coating and ceramic coating for vehicles and ceramic coating for textiles come in prices worthy of the protection they provide. A discussion started in 1999 but continuing through 2018. Ceramic coating is a high solid paint product which is concentrated with ceramic powder.

This technician applies the coating to all exterior surfaces of the part. This method involves heating ceramic powder under a 5000 degree f flame and using compressed gas to spray the coating onto the substrate. A sandblasted part as the chrome is very smooth so there is not much for the powder to grip on to.

Oxygen acetylene powder.

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