Applying Ceramic Coating Outdoors

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Quartz and ceramic pro is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. For this stage you ll need a ceramic coating solution a coated sponge a silica spray and a microfiber towel.

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You need to take cover an area at a time.

Applying ceramic coating outdoors. Apply solar defense marine ceramic coating in a crosshatch pattern up and down side to side to ensure complete coverage. While technically the coating material is higher than the rest of the underlying coating and the paint itself in all practicality what a high spot means is too much leftover product or excess coating. When your wheels are crystal clean you re ready to apply the ceramic coating.

Access to a covered work space away from the elements. When applying a ceramic paint coating if you do not remove 100 of the excess coating what is left is referred to has a high spot. The hardest part is buffing the boat out prior to applying the ceramic coating to your boat.

First choose a surface area you re going to work on. A ceramic coating such as opti coat pro c. Also do not apply the coating inside the lug nut or bolt holes or the hub.

It is always advised to apply a ceramic coating indoors in a controlled environment where there is no risk of a swing in temperature or a rain shower during the application of the coating. Take 7 10 drops of the ceramic coating solution on your coated sponge. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle s factory paint creating a layer of protection.

It s ok to do this outdoors just in the shade and when it s under 80 degrees and above 50 degrees outside is best. We suggest you choose 60 cm x 60 cm area for starters. As you may or may not already know ceramic coating as a cure time.

After about 10 or so end your timer. Can you apply ceramic coating outside. The one thing you need to remember is to never apply in direct sunlight.

In addition to the ceramic coating a lot of people like to apply a silica spray on top to aid the coating. After each section apply 5 8 drops and repeat the process in step 4. If layering coats on wait an hour before applying a second coat to your boat.

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