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Trader joe s oat beverage now i do still drink regular milk which i prefer in my coffee and tea. If you ve never had oat milk before the packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but practical.

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Trader joe s describes the new affordable non dairy oat beverage as delightfully smooth and mildly sweet despite containing no added sugars.

Trader joe s oat milk. Now trader joe s non dairy oat beverage is on shelves and refrigerated sections in stores. Trader joe s came out with not one but two oat beverages one that comes refrigerated and the other shelf stable next to all of the other shelf stable milks. Trader joe s non dairy oat beverage and we ve got two.

Meanwhile other brands entered the plant based milk market including califia farms which launched its oat milk products in early 2019. By liam pritchett november 15th 2019. We measured out the exact same amount but you can see that the one on the right lightened up in color just a bit more.

Mostly now i use real milk to make. It recently opened a manufacturing facility in new jersey to help meet demand. Trader joe s now sells oat milk and it s around 2.

That rich maple flavor from u s. American grocery chain trader joe s just launched its own brand vegan oat milk. Trader joe s non dairy maple oat beverage offers the same creamy dreamy sweetness as its unflavored forbearer with a fall inspired twist.

It s also fortified with vitamins a d and b12. Instead of adding cane sugar to our new non dairy oat beverages which you ll find in many store brand oat milk beverages we unearthed its natural balanced sweetness by breaking down the starches present in the oats to create sugar. Trader joe s is selling the oat milk beverage for 2 29 for one quart or 3 99 for a two quart container.

Who knew oats and water combined could be mildly milky sweet. That s a pretty big price difference especially if you drink oat milk on the regular. The oatly coffee definitely tasted creamier and a bit more indulgent than the trader joe s coffee.

Let s see how this nondairy milk stacks up to the rest. However i have been trying to cut down on the amount of real whole milk i use on a daily basis as i try to watch my cholesterol. Other popular oat milk brands retail for 4 99 8 99 depending where you buy them.

The cup with the trader joe s oat milk is on the left and the oatly cup is on the right. Automatically i give extra points to the refrigerated one for the packaging. Harvested maple syrup adds warm toasty notes and maple y sweetness to every sip.

It s gluten free dairy free lactose free and vegan.

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The New Trader Joe S Oat Milk Is Shockingly Affordable Oat Milk Oats Trader Joes

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