Sustainable Oat Milk Brands

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So you re searching for the best oat milk brands. Greek yogurt giant chobani is going in a whole new plant based direction with their recent launch of chobani oat.

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Provamel focuses on organic foods soya soleil on just soya products.

Sustainable oat milk brands. Its other brands include activia actimel shape cow and gate evian and volvic. Oat milk is very quickly becoming the dairy alternative of choice for the masses. We re big fans of oat milk at whole people.

Here are my tasting notes in order from best to basically undrinkable. The brand rolled out four oat drinks plain vanilla chocolate and plain extra creamy meant to replace traditional dairy milk products. This brand offers traditional and barista varieties but many are low in fiber and protein making them a pretty empty choice nutritionally speaking.

Checking on a brand s website to see if the company address the question of sustainability is a good start since even if oat milk overall has less impact than dairy milk specific practices can. Oat milk the most sustainable oat milk is lactose free nutritionally high in fibre and vitamins and is low in fat compared to alternatives like coconut milk. Since all plant based milks are more environmentally sustainable than dairy milk with oat milk s great taste and overall superior nutrition it seems to be the milk alternative winner.

Danone is the company behind alpro soya soleil and provamel. 1 929 gallons per pound for almonds compared to 290 gallons per pound for oats. Oat milk is my favorite non dairy milk.

You can keep your soy gross. Oat milk is potentially one of the best milks to consume from an environmental perspective due to it s low input. It s not fortified with any vitamins or minerals like some of the other oat milk brands which is something to bear in mind if fortification is important to you.

Like we said earlier it s a very exciting time to embrace all things plant based. Group danone is a french multinational which bats on both sides of the animal plant milk fence. Let s just say it s an uncomfortable contradiction buying oat milk particularly if you are buying oat milk as an environmental choice knowing that you are supporting big dairy and bottled water.

It s creamy and has a balanced but mild taste. It uses significantly less water than almond milk. Aldi s pro nature only oat milk 75p for 1 litre is a basic oat milk containing only oats and milk.

Rice milk is a close second. Plus magryta points out that the unsweetened variety contains seven grams of fat from inflammatory sunflower oil. Califia farms oat milk.

To evaluate both the oat milk itself and how it tastes in coffee i tried all of the brands on their own and then in coffee. From the environmentalist view oat milk does the least harm to the planet.

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