Steaming Milk For A Latte

Monday, March 16th 2020. | Info

Steamed milk is what coffee artists use to create those picture worthy lattes that are so popular on instagram. Check the milk s temperature with thermometer and learn how hot 55 65 c feels in your fingers.

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Heat the milk to 55 65 c.

Steaming milk for a latte. Steamed milk is what is created when you introduce high pressured steam typically from a latte machine to milk. If you get it wrong again you will have no one to blame other than yourself. What milk is best for latte art of course there are a few options when it comes to which milk you choose.

The steam creates a foamy layer of tiny milk bubbles that improves the taste mouthfeel and appearance of the coffee. This should allow the customer to immediately sip a creamy and subtly sweet beverage. That is through an espresso steamer wand or manually.

To stretch the milk your wand needs to be just under the surface of the milk and you should hear a bit of a ticking noise. You want about 8 fluid ounces of cold milk to steam into 10 fluid ounces of hot milk having a nice dense even texture all the way through. If it s steamed too hot not only will it scorch your tongue but the barista has chased away the natural sweetness of the milk.

Brew 2 ounces of espresso the way you usually do and pour the espresso into a cup. Turn off the steam wand when the pitcher is starting to burn your fingers 55 65 c. Watch the video below from the 1 46 mark until about the 1 54 mark.

Basically there are two major ways in which you can steam milk for latte. A latte should be steamed to between 140 and 155 degrees. Next combine three spoons of vanilla syrup with the espresso shot and fill three quarters with steamed milk.

Heat the milk by staying right underneath the milk s surface. Your milk needs to stretch until the milk is about 100 degrees fahrenheit. Just the way you have steamed milk when making the latte espresso aerate the milk this time but more another variation of the coffee recipe.

But it gets trickier. In terms of taste we all know that sugar caramelizes when it is heated and this happens to some extent when the steam is introduced to the milk. In this post we shall explain to you how you can steam your milk using either of the two.

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