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We crafted this recipe for creamy taste starring the goodness of oat perfectly sugar free. The sugar found in these products is inherent to the oats used and is produced as a natural result of our enzymatic production process.

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Our oat base is just oats and water.

Oatly oat milk sugar free. All of the oatly oat drinks except for chocolate and chocolate deluxe oat drinks creamy oat organic creamy oat creamy oat fraiche and oatgurt plain and greek style are free of added sugar. For comparison one cup of 1 dairy milk has 12 13 g of naturally occurring sugar while one cup of unsweetened oat milk contains only 6 grams of naturally occurring sugar from the oats and. While oatly doesn t add sugar to its products oat milk contains small amounts of natural sugars from oat starches that are broken down during the manufacturing process.

It s pretty simple really. Oatly s primary sugar maltose has a higher glycemic index than pure glucose trish io usda oatly the third ingredient after water and oats is rapeseed oil the slightly less flattering name for canola oil. At least it did for us.

Oatly original has 7g happy planet. Whether that sugar is added according to the fda or created through an industrial production process is semantics that aren t relevant to glycemic load. Inspired by the creaminess of milk we found oats and lost the moo and the sugar.

Oatly oatmilk is a vegan plant based milk alternative made from gluten free oats. However eagle eyed shoppers will observe that some unsweetened oatmilk brands with no added sugar contain up to 7g of total sugar per serving eg. This is true for many.

On behalf of its subsidiary pacific foods which. This craveable take on the humble oat transforms your morning joe your smoothies and so much more. Our non flavored oatmilks contain 7g sugar per 8oz serving which is less than the amount of sugar in cow s milk there s nothing inherently wrong with a process that uses enzymes to convert starch into sugar but the issue isn t the amount of sugar in a glass of oat milk or how that sugar is produced it s the type of sugar.

Oatly will voluntarily stop advertising its unsweetened oat milk beverages as having no added sugars following a challenge by campbell soup co. Oatly has about the same blood sugar impact as a coke and about the same amount of oil per serving as french fries. Try it for yourself and join the oat venture.

But it s what we do with those oats and that water that makes oatly so special.

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