Oat Milk Without Oil Australia

Friday, March 12th 2021. | Info

There are so many non dairy milk options available nowadays including almond milk cashew milk my personal favorite hemp milk and even homemade banana milk. Despite all of the known dangers of canola oil it is still used in many healthy and even those claiming to be organic because it is cheap to produce.

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It is a great go to product for just about everything and is loaded with amazing oatsomeness that would make other drinks exceptionally jealous but since it is made of oats and oats are incredibly humble well then jealousy is not an issue.

Oat milk without oil australia. Without the added oil diy oat milk won t necessarily take as well to frothing for espresso drinks or subbing into recipes as the store bought versions. It s also a source of calcium and low in saturated fat. When you imagine oat milk oil is probably not one of the first ingredients to come to mind.

But oat milk has really taken the world by storm over the last couple of years and surged in popularity. Oat milk is a dairy free favorite. Vitasoy oat milk unsweetened is made from aussie grown oats which provides 1 3g of beta glucan per 250ml serving a soluble fibre that can help to lower cholesterol.

That added fat is part of what makes oat milk such a successful substitute for cow s milk in the fancy coffee drinks that drain my wallet. This is our oat milk placed in ambient packaging so that you can store it at room temp.

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