Oat Milk More Sustainable

Tuesday, March 17th 2020. | Info

When it comes to oat milk specifically it may be. Despite this grist asserted that overall the production of plant based milks causes less ecological damage than the production of dairy milks.

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Almost every list of the most sustainable non dairy milk in the market pea protein milk will always get a top number.

Oat milk more sustainable. Oat milk is not only one of the better tasting milk substitutes but it s nutritionally similar to milk and most importantly it is the most sustainable. Research shows that the production of oat milk is the most sustainable of all the plant based milks. This lessens the environmental hazards in the oat industry making it a sustainable milk alternative.

Also it can take a lot of energy towards turning the oat into milk. And by some we mean just one. Producing a glass of dairy milk every day for a year requires 650 sq m 7 000 sq ft of land the equivalent of two tennis courts and more than 10 times as much as the same amount of oat milk.

For example it takes six times as much water to grow almonds than it does oats. It s a selection that if you use it once you ll always ask for more packets of the milk. Oat milk the most sustainable oat milk is lactose free nutritionally high in fibre and vitamins and is low in fat compared to alternatives like coconut milk.

Still when comparing oat milk to cow s milk oat milk wins out as the more sustainable option. Oat milk requires more processing thus more energy than its dairy alternative. Taste dairy milk is known for its creamy buttery taste as well as its culinary versatility.

Pea protein milk img source. While consuming plant based milk in general is a more sustainable choice over dairy some plant milks fare better than others when it comes to their environmental impact. Oat milk is potentially one of the best milks to consume from an environmental perspective due to it s low input.

Put almond milk and oat milk up against one another and you might be surprised to learn that oat milk is the more sustainable choice.

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