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Tuesday, February 16th 2021. | Info

Oat milk is a popular dairy free vegan friendly milk substitute. Fast forward to 2019 and that number has shot up to around 3 500 coffee shops in the country.

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Better for your coffee.

Oat milk coffee shop. Better for the planet. Ian oriol mama mochas barista said oatly rose in popularity because. Oat milk is unique in that it s free of many of the allergens found in other types of milk.

In 2017 a mere 10 coffee shops were stocking oatly in the united states one of the many oat milk brands that you can purchase. This past february dan and his wife ashton who co own the coffee roastery. We re going to explore this change in consumer behaviour.

Oat milk is popping up at coffee shops and grocery stores alike quickly becoming one of the trendiest plant based milks. If your favorite coffee shop is not on the map because they are not currently stocking oatly or if you are a cafe owner that understands the advantages of getting on this map just click here. Basically we made this map in order to help you to find all the forward thinking coffee shops around the world that are currently serving oatly.

And now during the chaotic year of 2020 oat milk is the one true monarch of the alt milk universe for all your coffee balancing cereal eating and cookie dunking pleasures. Oat milk was first invented by swedish scientist rickard oste the founder of the popular oat milk brand oatly. Oat milk has recently gained in popularity especially among coffee drinkers despite its invention over 20 years ago.

This change in behaviour is astonishing. That s what dan evans the co owner of dagger mountain roastery in valparaiso indiana has to say about oat milk. In its simplest form it s made by soaking oats blending them with water.

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