Oat Milk Chai Latte At Home

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Each sip of this chai oatmilk latte was smooth and rich without being heavy. Coffee a traditional latte uses espresso as it s base.

Oat Milk Chai Latte Alyssa And Carla Recipe Oat Milk Chai Latte Oats

Warm oat yeah oatmilk in a small saucepan or milk frother.

Oat milk chai latte at home. You will also need. Put a cap on the jar and wrap with a towel the metal lid will get hot. Pour oat yeah over your brewed chai tea.

Oat milk latte ingredients. Many milk substitutes don t get as foamy or don t manage to last longer than the first sip but here the oatmilk foam hung in there through the whole drink. You want the heat to be low medium don t boil the chai as this can impair the flavour of the tea and spices.

If desired use a hand whisk or electronic frothing wand to froth mixture. Place all the ingredients except espresso into a small saucepan pot and heat over medium low heat for 3 4 minutes making sure not to overheat. Marshmallow cream or sugar.

I like to use a strong hot coffee instead of espresso but either work. Allow to brew for at least five minutes. Pour the oatmillk honey and salt into a glass jar.

4 we normally brew our chai for 5 10 minutes. You only need a few ingredients to make this oat milk latte the most important one being the oat milk. Stir in sugar until dissolved.

Minor figures chai latte with oat milk. Oat yeah oatmeal creamer or similar. Serve hot with some cinnamon.

Oatmeal cream pie optional. Organic dairy free oat drink. Add 200 250ml oat milk and turn on the heat.

Chai oat milk latte. How long you brew depends on your preference if you like your chai strong you ll want to let it brew for longer. I really appreciate how well the oatmilk in this drink foamed.

This vegan friendly chai latte switches up the original recipe with oat milk and black tea. Mocha oat milk latte. Simmer milk on low on the stovetop until you see little bubbles form along the edges.

Microwave for about a minute until very hot. Espresso or strong coffee. Into a mug pour in the chai concentrate then milk and top with whipped cream.

Make tea and pour 3 4 cup in a mug and add 1 4 of strained spiced milk. Add espresso to mug if using and pour oat milk mixture over top. Shake until foamy and delicious.

Home minor figures chai latte with oat milk. This recipe makes 4 servings so divide each part chai concentrate milk whipped cream into 4 cups. Regular price 3 25 sale price 0 00 unit price per.

Boil the milk and the spices together. Create a strong brew of chai tea by pouring 8 oz of boiling water over two chai tea bags.

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