Minor Figures Oat Milk Latte Review

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Its lightly creamy texture is given a surge of nitrogen when opened to give that velvety microfoam mouthfeel. One of our go to favorites at minor figures hq the cold brew latte is a clean blend of seasonal single origin coffee and oat m lk.

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Barista standard oat m lk.

Minor figures oat milk latte review. Oat milk is an alternative for dairy milk usually made from soaking oats overnight along with water. I recently discovered minor figures oat milk. Minor figures oat milk is meticulously crafted with minimal ingredients to complement and enhance the complexities and origin characteristics of great tasting coffee.

It s perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to start up their day with a cup of coffee or a bowl of granola and cereal. With all the plant milks available it is hard to find ones that will not curd in your drink and that will taste delicious. Brewing seasonal single origin coffee with our barista standard oat m lk our 1l latte is clean creamy and dairy free.

Matcha latte ceremonial grade matcha oat m lk. Latte cascading coffee oat m lk one of our go to favourites at minor figures hq the cold brew latte is a clean blend of seasonal single origin coffee and oat m lk. First of all i have to give this brand points for the extremely endearing packaging which features a woman dressed as a bird drinking a cappuccino 2 apparently her name is penelope 1 i wish it was a teeny bit sweeter and a teeny bit thicker because i like my oat milks to taste like milkshakes 2 but the overall flavor was pleasantly reminiscent of the bottom of a cereal bowl 1.

We like ours chilled on ice. Oat milk is the creamiest and is best for foamy cappuccinos or simply added to your coffee. Its lightly creamy texture has a lovely velvety microfoam mouthfeel.

This is where minor figures have filled the big gap in the plant milk market. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A 2020 take on a centuries old japanese tea tradition our matcha latte is made by pairing stone ground matcha tea leaves with our classic oat m lk to create a wholesome balance of sweet and natural earthiness.

Want to buy in person. It doesn t split in the lightest roasts and textures to the perfect micro foam when steamed. Minor figures oat m lk is naturally engineered to calibrate its performance perfectly when paired with coffee.

It doesn t split or go funky when blended with coffee and creates a perfect microfoam when steamed. It s long lasting so can stock up your supplies or fill up your glass whenever you want it. Bring the coffee shop home with our latte by the litre.

A group of painters jazz musicians basketball players and barbers brought together by a love of specialty coffee and all.

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