How To Make Oat Milk For Skin

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This is what makes the oat milk creamy and thick. Dispose of the oats.

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Place the remaining liquid into a medium mister bottle and enjoy.

How to make oat milk for skin. Pull up the corners of the muslin and squeeze the oats well to press some of the creamy liquid through. Combine the oats and water and let sit for 30 minutes. Cup distilled water.

2 tablespoons steel cut oats. How to make oat milk face mist for dry skin ingredients. When the water has cooled enough squeeze the sachet to release the oatmeal milk into the water.

Use cold water for blending warm to hot water activates the starch that causes thickening so use cold water to make oat milk. Your cloth may be too thick if just the water is straining through. Run the liquid through a cheesecloth or similar strainer.

Try tights teatowels fine meshed sieves or filters to see what works best for you. Dab the sachet gently across your face. If you have any blemishes such as pimples broken capillaries insect bites etc you can press the sachet into these for a minute or so.

Don t soak your oats some recipes call for soaking and rinsing the oats before making oat milk in order to reduce sliminess but i ve found that it has the opposite effect.

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