Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk

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Goat milk in 14 categories including calories fat calcium magnesium protein. Compared to cow milk the oligosaccharide content from the milk of goats is on average 5 8 times higher 16.

Which Is Healthier Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk Milk Cow Goat Milk Benefits Goat Milk

While levels of vitamin a and d and the minerals calcium and selenium are higher in goat milk vitamin b12 and folic acid are found in greater amounts in cow milk.

Goat milk vs cow milk. Both goat and cow milk are rich in a range of vitamins and minerals. Should you stick to cow s milk or say moo ve over and make the switch to goat s. Here we break down cow milk vs.

Goat milk does not match the concentration of oligosaccharides found in human milk but it provides the best animal milk source 15. They differ more significantly in terms of taste. While cow s milk is fairly neutral goat s milk has a distinctive farmy flavor that can take some getting used to largeman roth says.

Nutritionally goat milk is slightly higher in fat and calories but also contains more vitamins minerals and protein than cow s milk. Some studies have also shown that the absorption of several minerals in goat milk is higher compared to cow milk. Goat milk supplies a much higher amount of oligosaccharides than cow milk.

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