Goat Milk Oat Honey Soap Recipe

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Oatmeal milk and honey is a classic soap to make. While oatmeal is the star of this recipe i think bar soap can never have too many soothing ingredients.

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While honey is nourishing for your skin too much honey can result in a soft bar of soap especially if you don t account for the liquid in honey by reducing the amount of water in the recipe.

Goat milk oat honey soap recipe. Or 4 4 oz bars of soap. It s one of the first soaps that i made when i first started to make soap. Cut in half and save the rest for another project 2 tablespoons oats ground into a fine powder here s how.

Adding honey to soap. Perfect for test batches coconut oil 136 grams 30 castor oil 46 grams 10 olive oil 204 grams 45 avocado oil 68 grams 15 sodium hydroxide 63 grams frozen goat milk 126 grams honey 1 teaspoon. 6 oz canned goat s milk my parents retirement dream is to have some land with a few milk goats on it and i look forward to being able to use their fresh goat s milk for my soaps someday.

This method of milk soapmaking is a bit different than the other method where we used frozen milk in the lye solution this method uses equal amounts of lye and water for the solution and then another equal amount of milk is added to the oils. The sugar in the honey helps make a nice bubbly lather. What has stopped me up until now is that i d heard you can t use milks when you make hot process soap but when i was asked to test out a goat milk honey recipe for a friend i figured i d give this style of soap making a try.

It is recommended to avoid using honey if you are allergic. If it perfectly fine to leave the honey out of the recipe if this is a concern. Oatmeal goat s milk and honey soap 4lb batch 26 oz olive oil.

Blocks check the weight on your package. Add it directly to your oatmeal soap and store any leftovers in an airtight jar in the refrigerator to be used in other beauty recipes. Work in small batches grinding the oats into as a fine a powder as you can.

As a precaution please be mindful about potential allergies. And i ve been wanting to give goat s milk soap a try using the hot process method. I love making my own handmade soaps for our family.

Goats milk and honey soap recipe. 1 lb palm free recipe fits in short silicone loaf mold from wsp. This goat milk and oatmeal cold process soap is made with powdered goat milk oat extract and colloidal oatmeal for a bar that is gentle on the skin.

19 oz coconut oil. 13 oz distilled water. Honey is another nice additive for soap.

This recipe is for a naturally moisturizing goats milk and honey soap from page 90 of the natural soapmaking book for beginners goats milk contains natural vitamins that help to nourish skin and honey is a natural antimicrobial that helps to make a creamy bubbly soap. You can find the recipe for honey and oat goat milk soap below. Colloidal oatmeal is extremely fine ground oatmeal that is fantastic for irritated or sensitive skin.

Oatmeal milk and honey fragrance oil gives this bar a. 5 oz castor oil. Goat s milk soap base most soap base comes in 2 lbs.

Oatmeal and honey goat milk soap melt and pour method this recipe makes 1 lbs. Diy melt and pour goat milk soap recipe. Goat milk oatmeal honey and lavender soap recipe.

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