Coconut Milk Or Soya

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It has around half the fat of cow s milk and a third fewer calories making it a less fattening alternative to cow s milk. Coconut milk is a traditional food ingredient used in southeast asia oceania south asia and east africa.

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It also has very little protein and unless it s been fortified no calcium.

Coconut milk or soya. Unsweetened coconut milk is about 209 kilojoules per cup 4 grams of fat and 1 gram. Soy milk is high in saponin and phytic acid which are compounds antinutrients that can easily cause damage to the digestive system. Coconut milk is loaded with medium chain triglycerides an easily digested healthy fat that helps burn fat potassium a host of fortified vitamins and calcium.

A 2017 study investigating the nutritional differences between cow s milk and almond soy rice and coconut milk found soy milk fared the best of the alternative milks by a long shot. Coconut milk is lower in protein and calcium generally than almond milk. Coconut milk is an opaque milky white liquid extracted from the grated pulp of mature coconuts.

Coconut milk is generally higher in calories and saturated fat than other milks says allen. Soy and soy products including soy sauce tofu soy milk and even plant based protein powder is a nightmare for acne. But like coconut milk it is low in protein compared to cow s milk.

The big thing it has going for it other than being lactose free and vegan is its flavor which is mildly sweet and creamy making it a favorite over cereal and in coffee. A 2017 study found soy fared considerably better than other milk alternatives including almond soy rice and coconut varieties in terms of nutritional profile. Unlike other plant milks coconut milk contains saturated fat about the same amount as whole milk.

As with the other plant based milks avoid the kinds with added sugar and go for the unsweetened variety. The opacity and rich taste of coconut milk are due to its high oil content most of which is saturated fat. Soy milk soy milk is made by mixing soaked soy beans with boiling water.

Also unlike soy and dairy milk coconut milk is quite low in protein so you won t get quite as much of a nutritional boost. Canned coconut milk has roughly 627 kilojoules per cup with 12 grams of fat 10 of which are saturated and a gram of sugar. A 2017 study found soy fared considerably better than other milk alternatives including almond rice and coconut varieties in terms of nutritional profile.

It contains almost the same protein as cow s milk 3 1g per 100ml compared with 3 4g. Research has also directly linked the consumption of coconut milk to improved heart health weight loss and a lower risk of heart disease.

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