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Best oat milk brands of 2020 to make the table easy to decode i used a leaf scoring system because green is best. So you re searching for the best oat milk brands.

The Best Oat Milk Brands And Healthiest Varieties Oat Milk Isn T Just For Coffee You Can Use It In Place Of Milk In Almost Any Rec Milk Brands Oat Milk Oats

Avoid the following oat milk brands the next time you re looking for a dairy milk substitute.

Brands of oat milk. Coffee mate natural bliss vanilla oat milk creamer. Planet oat oatmilk original tasted after the initial test as well is planet oat oatmilk. Oat milk is my favorite non dairy milk.

Oat milk is very quickly becoming the dairy alternative of choice for the masses. To evaluate both the oat milk itself and how it tastes in coffee i tried all of the brands on their own and then in coffee. Califia farms oat milk.

Crafted with love by baristas specifically for use in coffee minor figures oat m lk is plant based made with no added sugar and contains the same amount of calcium as dairy milk. Only 3 brands califia elmhurst and forager boasted a simple ingredient list. These products are often creamier than regular oat milks to.

Alpro longlife oat milk is a pretty standard oat milk coming in a one liter carton and having been fortified with calcium and vitamin d. It s creamy and has a balanced but mild taste. With 8 grams of added cane sugar per tablespoon it s a bit too sweet for our everyday oat milk needs but it works when we re in the mood for something dessert like.

Unfortunately there s not a lot to distinguish it or set it apart from the rest of the competition which lands it farther down in the rankings. Best oat milks for coffee many oat milk brands offer barista blends designed to steam and froth for drinks like lattés and cappuccinos. We re big fans of oat milk at whole people.

Rice milk is a close second. Here are my tasting notes in order from best to basically undrinkable. This new brand of oat milk comes in original vanilla extra creamy and chocolate.

This brand offers traditional and barista varieties but many are low in fiber and protein making them a pretty empty choice nutritionally speaking. Beloved london based brand minor figures has made its way across the pond and their barista blend is one of the tastiest oat milks out there. While califia was the stand out winner in all categories most of the oat milks we tested were pretty middle of the road.

If you enjoy the sweet taste of coffee mate s french vanilla creamer but are cutting back on dairy the brand s natural bliss vanilla oat milk creamer 3 is just the splash needed in your morning coffee. You can keep your soy gross.

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